New EU acrylamide legislation comes into force

11 Apr 2018 --- New European Union legislation comes into force today (April 11) concerning the amount of acrylamide in foods with “benchmark” levels being set for various products. Passed by the EU last year, today marks the beginning of the law which limits the amount of acrylamide allowed in packaged foods and forces manufacturers to closely examine and reduce acrylamide levels in products.

Novozymes reports “solid” results, but misses the mark in agri sector

07 Feb 2018 --- Novozymes has announced its results for 2017, highlighting a “solid” year with 4 percent sales growth in the Organic segment, Food & Beverages experienced a 9 percent increase, but Agriculture & Feed was down 3 percent. Q4 earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) fell 4 percent to 1.02 billion DKK (US$169.85 million), missing the 1.07 billion DKK expected by analysts.

DSM, Ingredion and Arla among FiE Awards winners, but no outright prize

29 Nov 2017 --- Major ingredients suppliers DSM, Ingredion and Arla were among the category winners at this year’s FiE Awards, but there was some surprise at last night’s event as no outright winner was announced. Unlike in previous years, when an overall award was given for true excellence in the ingredients space, this year’s event saw little distinction created between the wide range of category winners that were arguably of varying levels of innovation.

FiE 2017 Innovation Awards: Life Stages and Growth categories – the nominees

20 Nov 2017 --- Last week, FoodIngredientsFirst took a look at some of the award nominees for the Reduction & Reformulation Innovation Award and the Sustainability and Organic Champion Award as well as the clean Label & Natural Innovation Award. On 28 November, the winners of this year's FiE Innovation Awards will be announced at the world's largest food and beverage ingredients show. 

Fi Europe 2017: Reduction & Reformulation Innovation Awards – the nominees

16 Nov 2017 --- The Fi Europe Innovation Awards honors professionals and companies for their ability to demonstrate and stimulate innovation, and for their contribution to the industry. With Fi Europe 2017 fast approaching, FoodIngredientsFirst takes a closer look at some of the award nominees for the Reduction & Reformulation Innovation Award. This award gives recognition to an organization or company that has developed the best solution (natural or synthetic) within the last two years for reducing salt, sugar or fat whilst maintaining flavor, texture and functionality of the ingredient replaced.

Novozymes enjoys robust Q3 results, boosted by Food & Beverages category

25 Oct 2017 --- Biological solutions giant Novozymes has published its “solid” results for the nine months of 2017, which also shows strong growth for Q3. The growth is greater than expected, according to company CEO Peder Holk Nielsen, who also said that the company is adjusting the outlook for the full-year upwards. The third quarter saw organic revenue growth of 8 percent and 4 percent over the nine months, bolstered by a strong Food & Beverages category which was up 9 percent. 

Novozymes receives EFSA approval for glucose syrup enzymes

04 Sep 2017 --- Novozymes has received approval from The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for two new enzymes used to make glucose syrup. The two new food enzymes are being evaluated and authorized under the FIAP set of regulations.

Novozymes Posts “Positive” Q1 Results with Sales and Earnings “On Track”

26 Apr 2017 --- Denmark-based biotechnology company Novozymes has reported overall positive Q1 results with a 3% organic sales growth mainly driven by food & beverages and bioenergy. The company reports that sales and earnings are on track with this “good start to 2017” which has also seen solid progress on Novozymes strategic priorities. 

Novozymes Shift to Emerging Markets Leads to Job Losses

20 Jan 2017 --- Global biotechnology company Novozymes has announced a full-year organic sales growth of 2 percent and an 8 percent net profit growth at the time same as axing almost 200 jobs. The Danish producer of enzymes has laid off 198 employees, 62 of them in Denmark.

The BioAg Alliance Advances New Microbial Solutions for Agriculture

06 Jan 2017  --- The BioAg Alliance, Monsanto’s and Novozymes’ collaboration to improve crop harvests through products containing naturally-occurring microbes, have announced results from its 2016 field trial program and shared an updated research pipeline. Yield increases among top microbial strains averaged over 3 bushels per acre for corn and over 2 bushels per acre for soy. 

New Yield-Boosting Microbial Seed Coating is Launched

06 Dec 2016 --- As part of their commitment to develop and commercialize innovative microbial solutions for farmers through The BioAg Alliance, Monsanto Company and Novozymes have shared details of their newest product, the corn inoculant Acceleron B-300 SAT. 

Novozymes Expands Operations in India

21 Nov 2016 --- Biotechnology company Novozymes is expanding its operations in India with plans for a new enzyme production and supply chain facility expected to open in 2018.

Novozymes Recognized as World Leader on Corporate Climate Action

28 Oct 2016 --- Against the backdrop of a historic Paris Agreement and adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), businesses around the world have received the message that governments are signaling the end of fossil-fuel based societies, and making a commitment to establish green economies.

Novozymes Strengthens Position with Organobalance Acquisition

15 Sep 2016 --- Global biotechnology company and specialists in microbial solutions Novozymes has struck a deal with German-based researchers Organobalance. Although Novozymes is not revealing financial details of the acquisition, it says the deal will complement the company’s existing platform with applications across industries. 

Novozymes Report Slump in Q2 Results, CEO Says Company is Still on Track for Full Year Earnings

10 Aug 2016 --- Danish company Novozymes reported the outlook for full-year organic sales growth was adjusted to 2-4%, down from previously 3-5% in 2015. The adjustment reflects uncertainty in most of the industries in which Novozymes operates.

Novozymes Forecast Sales Boost in Second Quarter, Powered by Recent Innovations

21 Apr 2016 --- Novozymes has forecast that organic sales growth will be boosted in the second quarter, helped by growth in its starch business driven by new product launches.

Novozymes: Saphera Enables New Innovation in Lactose-Free, Fermented Dairy Products

01 Apr 2016 --- Novozymes is launching Saphera – a lactase enzyme that sets a new standard for production and quality of a wide range of lactose-free products, including milk and fermented dairy products such as yogurt.

Novozymes Changes Organizational Structure and Executive Leadership Team

08 Feb 2016  --- Novozymes wishes to strengthen its technology and market leadership through the establishment of a central Research, Innovation & Supply organization spanning the value chain from discovery to market. The three divisions are: Household Care & Technical Industries, Agriculture & Bioenergy and Food & Beverages. The aim of the organizational change is to enhance Novozymes’ ability to deliver more innovation to customers with more speed and commercial impact.

Adisseo and Novozymes Launch Their First Probiotic for Poultry

25 Jan 2016 --- Adisseo and Novozymes, two global leaders in the animal nutrition and feed additive industry, have announced the launch of their probiotic for poultry, Alterion, on the U.S. market as well as in a number of countries in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Novozymes to Separate Biopharma Activities to Form Independent Company

20 Jan 2016 --- Novozymes has separated its biopharma activities into an independent company called Albumedix. The new company will be fully owned by Novozymes.