Fi Europe 2017: The companies to watch (J to Z)

Nov 2017

Omya International AG

Omya International AG
Omya will highlight its versatile range of natural calcium carbonates. These can be used as fortification agents, white pigments, bulk providers, extrusion aids and anti-caking agents. Additional ingredients from the company’s huge distribution portfolio enable holistic one-stop solutions for industries like pet foods, savory products and nutraceuticals. Omya’s products, bundled together under the Calcipur brand, have a very high elemental calcium content – approximately 40% – making them among the most concentrated sources of calcium on the market. As such, they are efficient fortification agents that can be used to enrich baby products, vegan drinks, bakery produce, snack bars and breakfast cereals. Depending on the dosage used, calcium-related claims can be included on pack. Omya will also be showing a wide range of specialty ingredients from its carefully selected portfolio, which includes flavor enhancers, natural food colors, antioxidants, sweeteners, preservatives, acidity regulators, filling agents and vitamins.
Stand: 08.0P29