Fi Europe 2017: The companies to watch (J to Z)

Nov 2017

Sipal Partners

Sipal Partners
Sipal Partners, the specialist in non-refined organic cereals & dried fruits syrups, offers a wide variety of sweeteners, flavors, colors and other technical functionalities for all food and drink applications. The non-refining process preserves the benefit of the raw material (taste, colors, minerals) and enables natural and shorter labeling lists i.e. “oat syrup” instead of “glucose” or “sugar.” The company allows visitors to discover and taste the innovative oat range at their stand. The SIPA range consists of: wheat syrups, rice syrups, manioc syrup, corn syrup, barley malt syrup, oat syrup, spelt syrup, dried fruit juice concentrates (dates, figs and prunes).
Stand: 11.1D71