Fi Europe 2017: The companies to watch (J to Z)

Nov 2017


Tereos will present its two new offers developed from its unique expertise and unparalleled portfolio of sweeteners, starches, fibers and proteins from natural sources. Sweet&You is a 360° reformulation service to optimize the nutritional profile, costefficiency, taste and texture in customers’ product formulations. Thanks to this new offer, Tereos intends to turn market challenges, such as sugar reduction or consumers’ ever-changing eating habits, into opportunities. To do so, Tereos delivers, with Sweet&You, a high-level service and a fast time-to-market. Tereos, the sweetening specialist, has the widest range of plant-based sweetening solutions available. Today, Tereos offers more than 400 different sweetening ingredients: from sugar and cereal sweeteners to stevia, from reduced to no calories sweetening products.
Stand: 08.0A37