ADM invests in German non-GMO high-protein soybean meal facility


10 Oct 2017 --- Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) will be making further investments at its crushing facility in Straubing, to produce non-GMO high-protein soybean meal. Located in southern Germany, the company notes that the added capability will allow the site to serve ADM’s growing portfolio of soybean meal customers and support local farmers in increasing the region’s soybean output.

“ADM supports a wide variety of technologies that can help farmers do more with less,” reads an ADM company statement provided to FoodIngredientsFirst. “This issue is a critical goal for agriculture; new technologies and products are key in the effort to feed a growing global population while limiting the increased use of farmland and water. We also recognize and respect our customers’ desire for options. We work to meet our customers’ need for identity-preserved crops and products.”

“Because of our vertical integration, we have developed – for certain product lines – systems that track and preserve crop identity from seed to factory to finished product to make such options available for our customers,” the ADM statement concludes.

Logical step to meet demand
“The decision to invest in the production of non-GMO high-protein soybean meal is a logical step after the successful implementation of non-GMO soybean processing at the site in May 2016,” says Jon Turney, General Manager, European Soybean Crush at ADM.

Turney notes that the demand for non-GMO soybean meal from European soybeans is steadily growing: “With the production of non-GMO high-protein soybean meal, ADM will be able to better meet the needs of its poultry feed customers, as well as the dairy and pig feed markets.”

Earlier this year, ADM expanded its soy processing capabilities at its facility in Spyck, Germany. In the last 12 months, it has been working with farmers and industry partners across Europe to create further opportunities to grow and market soybeans in the region.

“This investment demonstrates ADM’s commitment to meet customer demand for non-GMO soybean products in this region,” says Rene van der Poel, General Manager ADM Straubing. “In addition, it gives local farmers a further incentive to grow more non-GMO soybeans and benefit from bringing soybeans into crop rotations.”

By Paul Creasy


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