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Emmi lowers forecast amid sales slump

23 Aug 2017 --- Following disappointing sales for the first half of the year, Emmi is cutting its forecast as Brexit and a weak pound bites into the Swiss cheesemakers profits. The depreciation of sterling has been unsettling for many European companies who trade in the UK as European-produced goods are less competitive in Britain – and this is the case for the Onken yogurt manufacturer too.

Google and Oreo team up to reveal Android Oreo

23 Aug 2017 --- Google has revealed that the next version of its mobile operating system, Android, is to be named after the popular cookie brand Oreo. Historically, Google has named each successive Android release after sweet treats like Eclair, Ice Cream Sandwich and most recently, Nougat.

Bayer-Monsanto merger faces tough EU scrutiny

23 Aug 2017 --- A comprehensive probe into the proposed merger of the two agrichemical giants Bayer and Monsanto has been launched by the European Commission, amid concerns over competition in relation to seeds, traits and pesticides. What concessions the multinationals may have to make to win over regulators is not yet clear, but it is highly likely there will be further action to allay the Commission’s fears over the competition. 

Innovators target fat reduction resolutions on multiple application platforms

23 Aug 2017 --- Trends continuing to dominate 2017 are clean label ingredients and the reduction of ingredients with negative perceptions and impacts on health. Although there are geographical differences with some ingredients, such as sugar, fat is universally being cut. Across the board food innovators and manufacturers are finding ways to use less of it, substitute it, or use healthier alternatives. You can read the first part of this report here.

Blockchain and food: IBM joins forces with industry giants to target contamination

23 Aug 2017 --- A group of companies across the global food supply chain are to adopt IBM's blockchain technology in a bid to prevent contaminated food from reaching consumers. Walmart, Nestlé and Unilever are among the companies that IBM has announced a partnership with that will see the consortium adopt a blockchain solution to prevent food contamination.

Frutarom strikes again: Company buys Swiss Muehlehof Gewuerze for US$7m

22 Aug 2017 --- Frutarom Industries Ltd. continues its momentum of acquisitions with the purchase of 100 percent of the shares of the Swiss company Mühlehof Gewürze AG (Mühlehof) for approximately US$7 million (CHF6.69 million). The acquisition of Mühlehof is set to strengthen Frutarom’s leadership in Switzerland, allowing continued expansion and deepening activity across the country, while generating and exploiting synergies in the areas of R&D and sales.

2 Sisters plans US$1.79m investment in Welsh facility

22 Aug 2017 --- Britain’s biggest food manufacturer, 2 Sisters Food Group, has announced plans to expand supply from its Welsh processing facility in Merthyr Tydfil, UK. The £1.4 million (US$1.79 million) investment in the beef and sheep plant that kicked off at the end of last month will be spent on modernizing the beef boning hall and improving efficiency, quality and process control.

UK: Government insists British goods should be sold in Europe without extra costs after Brexit

22 Aug 2017 --- The British Government is calling for UK firms to have the same kind of free trade of goods arrangements even after it has left the EU – which directly contradicts the bloc’s current position on trade. The Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) is calling for a “free and frictionless” trade of goods and services after Brexit in March 2019, in the latest position paper from the UK government, which was published yesterday (August 21).

Univar achieves AA grade for BRC Global Standard

22 Aug 2017 --- Univar Food Ingredients’ UK headquarters in Milton Keynes has just been awarded an AA grade for the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution Issue 3: August 2016. The site is the location of the business’ central warehouse and distribution hub. “We are extremely proud to have been awarded this certification after months of hard work, commitment and investment, and feel that this demonstrates our dedication and persistence to achieve the highest level of quality possible in the industry,” Abigail Dillon, EMEA Product & Marketing Coordinator at Univar Food Ingredients tells FoodIngredientsFirst.

UK: Hepatitis E warning from “supermarket X” sausages and ham

21 Aug 2017 --- Hot on the heels of the fipronil egg scandal, another food controversy has hit the UK as public health officials say one leading British supermarket has sold sausages believed to be contaminated with the hepatitis E virus. According to government agency Public Health England, researchers discovered that some people infected with the virus have been eating own-brand sausages from a retailer, known as “Supermarket X.” 

FrieslandCampina granted solar panel installation on 310 dairy farms

21 Aug 2017 --- In March 2017, Henk Kamp, the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, granted over €200 million (US$234.7 million) SDE+ subsidy for the installation of solar panels at the roofs of FrieslandCampina member dairy farms. This will make it possible to install more than 416,000 solar panels at 310 dairy farms. 

Fat reduction in the spotlight – the race against trans fat

21 Aug 2017 --- Many food manufacturers would say that the top priorities for the food industry are salt, sugar and fat reduction. For many years now the unrelenting advice has been to cut out the so-called “bad” saturated fats, which, in turn, has had an impact on many categories across the food industry. 

UK: Competition regulator gives Heineken green light in Punch Taverns takeover

21 Aug 2017 --- Britain’s competition watchdog says Heineken’s proposal to sell off pubs in 33 areas does satisfy previous antitrust concerns about the US$519 million takeover of Punch Taverns. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK says the Dutch beer giant has cleared all hurdles in relation to the takeover and has avoided further investigation.

German institute estimates maximum tolerable daily consumption of foods containing fipronil

21 Aug 2017 --- The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has calculated various exposure scenarios for foods containing fipronil from eggs to get a better idea about what is the maximum tolerable daily consumption of foods containing eggs and where there is no acute health risk. 

VTT develops yeast strains which improve cider & wine product quality

21 Aug 2017 --- In 2015, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland generated the first new lager brewing yeast strains in 500 years. The research organization has now applied the knowledge obtained to create new yeast strains for the production of wine and cider. New cold-tolerant hybrid strains developed by VTT enable fermentation at lower and higher temperatures than before. 

UC Berkeley creates Alternative Meats Lab for plant-based alternatives

21 Aug 2017 --- The University of California, Berkeley is creating a new Alternative Meats Lab (alt.meat lab) "to give students a leg up on a trillion-dollar market opportunity: transforming the meat industry." The lab at Berkeley will use the latest technology tools and techniques to engineer plant-based meat alternatives – with animal meat-eaters as the target market.

Nestle’s Walnut Whip not “shrinkflation,” company says

21 Aug 2017 --- Nestlé has denied that its new nut-free version of the company’s Walnut Whip product is an example of “shrinkflation,” seen as a general trend in the UK toward products getting smaller following the Brexit referendum result.

Prinsen and Gustav Berning join forces to target “active nutrition”

21 Aug 2017 --- Dutch company Prinsen Food Group has announced that they are joining forces with German company Schokoladenfabrik Gustav Berning GmbH & Co. KG, one of the largest producers of high-quality protein food bars in Europe. Prinsen-Berning is a leading player in “active nutrition” Both Prinsen and Berning are companies with a long, rich history and originated as family businesses. 

Dietary fiber opportunities for CFF among top consumer trends

21 Aug 2017 --- The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a dietary fiber intake of at least 30g per day. Currently, the average dietary fiber intake among adults in the US is about 15 grams a day. CFF GmbH & Co. KG (CFF) produces natural dietary fiber concentrations that are suitable for dietary fiber enrichment in many food applications.

UK: Record growth for food and drink exports in H1

18 Aug 2017 --- Exports of all British food and drink products for the first half of 2017 have jumped by 8.5 percent, creating the largest growth on record. Data from the UK organization, the Food and Drink Federation, shows UK exports reached £10.2bn (US$13.1 billion), with exports to the EU27 growing at a faster rate than to non-EU markets, increasing the share of sales to the EU to 61.2 percent.