Eurogerm inaugurates new Italian subsidiary

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02 Jan 2018 --- Eurogerm, a leader in ingredients and processing aids for the wheat-flour-bread sector, has announced the opening of its ninth subsidiary outside of France. The new subsidiary is based in Italy, and its role is to boost the group’s growth in that country.

The opening of Eurogerm Italia strengthens Eurogerm’s commercial presence in Italy, where the Group has already been operating for a long time. The Milan office opened in late December 2017 and will act as a local base to support the group’s rapid sales growth in Italy.


Eurogerm Italia is being led by Walter Cassa, formerly the Group’s sales manager for Italy and an expert in the local market. Its local presence and organization will help it foster close ties with the Group’s Italian clients and partners.


Benoît Huvet, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, and Jean-Philippe Girard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eurogerm, made the following comments: “Opening this subsidiary fits perfectly with our international expansion strategy. Our new operation in Milan will raise our profile and strengthen our presence locally, helping us to extend our reach across Italy. We are also continuing to pay close attention to all international acquisition and development opportunities.”


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