Hershey plans US$60m expansion of Pennsylvania plant

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09 Mar 2018 --- The Hershey Company is planning to invest US$60 million in expanding the production capacity of its confectionery factory in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania, US, according to a report from The Times Leader. The investment is set to add a new Kit-Kat production line at the factory, which currently produces Kit-Kat, Cadbury and Caramello products.

According to the report, Hershey has planned the expansion to boost sales of its Kit-Kat range, as it seeks to establish the product as a billion-dollar brand in the US.

111 jobs will be created at the site as a result of the expansion, an employment increase of 25 percent. Hershey currently employs 18,000 people worldwide.

Plant manager Stephen Knight said: “Kit Kat is one of our most complex bars to produce, and making such a high-quality product starts with a great manufacturing team, like the people here at the Hazleton Plant.”

A ceremony commemorating the expansion will be held today (Friday, March 9). Local politicians and Hershey officials such as Todd Tillemans, president of Hershey’s US business, will be present during the ceremony. 

Hershey says the move will boost sales of the growing Kit Kat line, which is poised to become the company’s next billion-dollar brand. The candy is made from layers of wafer sticks, alternating with sweet filling and covered in chocolate.


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