Ulrick & Short cleans up packaging declarations with innovative glazing systems

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29 Mar 2018 --- Consumer and retailer pressure is mounting to clear up label declarations and to embrace new diet trends. Ulrick & Short is responding to these pressures by launching clean label, allergen free and vegan-friendly glazing systems, called eziglaze, that provide solutions for manufacturers.

The eziglaze range is used in place of existing commercial glazes and traditional egg or milk washes. It is a unique ingredient as it does not only enhance the aesthetic quality of finished baked goods but is also a cost-effective way to replace milk, egg and other allergens, mitigating price fluctuations and allowing for a broader market appeal.

The whole eziglaze range is designed to have consumer friendly, clean label, back of pack declarations as well as being vegan-friendly and has gluten-free options. Eziglaze has both sweet and savory applications; for instance, eziglaze can act as an adhesive for seeds, for example, that require sticking to artisan bread, or can be used to improve the shine on hot cross buns. It has a tried and tested track record in Morning Goods, pies, savory pastries and bread and it already been used widely in the bakery sector.

Ulrick & Short Development Technologist, Emma Walker, supports this: “eziglaze is a very effective and very versatile product. We have seen it work in a variety of applications far more effectively and consistently than the egg or milk counterparts. Because of this versatility, it is very adaptable in how it can be applied in a factory situation. It can be sprayed, brushed, or used with a spinning disk equally as effectively.”

Walker continues: “The fact that the product is clean label, vegan and allergen-free enhances the appeal further as it can be used across all factories and factory lines easily. From both a consumer and manufacturer point of view, it ticks all the boxes.”

FoodIngredientsFirst has reached out to Ulrick & Short for further details.


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