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Industry 4.0: Tetra Pak benefits from digital technology boost

20 Apr 2018 --- The food and beverage industry is embarking on its biggest transformation in decades, leveraging new technology to improve food quality, increase plant efficiency and boost productivity. Tetra Pak has undergone its own digital transformation over the past few years and is now working with other companies to help them navigate the complex systems and technology.

The war on plastic: UK to ban sale of plastic straws among new measures

19 Apr 2018 --- The UK government has promised to ban the sale of plastic straws, plastic drink stirrers and plastic-stemmed cotton buds, as the country steps up its efforts in the battle against plastic pollution. Prime Minister Theresa May announced the new plans before a meeting of the Commonwealth leaders in London, urging those nations to sign-up to the newly-formed Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance. It has been suggested that the ban will come into effect later this year. 

Nature bites back: Scientists modify plastic-digesting enzyme

17 Apr 2018 --- The battle against plastic pollution has taken an unexpected turn as an international scientist team develops an enzyme which naturally digests PET as its main energy source. Originally discovered in 2016 in sediments at a bottle recycling site in the port city of Sakai, Japan, the team has successfully modified the enzyme – known as Ideonella Sakaiensis – to break-down PET bottles at an accelerated rate of just three days. The research team believes that the enzyme has great potential in the global fight against plastic pollution.

Sainsbury’s to introduce touch-free meat packaging

16 Apr 2018 --- UK supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, has announced plans to sell raw meat in touch-free packaging to meet the growing demand of the millennial consumer. The straight-to-pan plastic pouches – commonly known as “doypacks” within the industry – allow customers to cook raw meats without directly touching the product.

Alufoil Trophy 2018: Winners demonstrate impact shelf presence and resource efficiency

12 Apr 2018 --- Excellence in shelf presence, environmental sustainability and consumer experience were the key features of the 2018 Alufoil Trophy. Organized by the European Aluminum Foil Association (EAFA), the prestigious annual event displays excellence in aluminum foil innovation and technology across a wide range of applications, notably food and beverage packaging and pharmaceutical.

Nestlé commits to 100 percent renewable packaging by 2025

11 Apr 2018 --- Nestlé has committed to making 100 percent of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. The world’s largest food and beverage company aims to avoid any of its packaging, including plastics, ending up in landfills or as litter. It will instead adopt a circular economy model in which packaging, particularly plastics, are actively reused. Nestlé highlights the need to minimize the impact of packaging waste on the environment as its motivation.

Plastic taxes and deposits not the sustainability answer, claims circular economy expert

10 Apr 2018 --- How best to deal with plastic waste is a huge issue within the packaging industry and society at large. Richard McKinlay, Head of Circular Economy at Axion, gives his opinion on deposit return schemes, single-use plastic tax, and explains why he believes that extended producer responsibility schemes are the answer we are looking for.

Tetra Pak Artistry launches as industry revitalizes brand appeal

09 Apr 2018 --- Global food processing and packaging company, Tetra Pak, has launched a suite of new packaging material effects, known as Tetra Pak Artistry. Aimed at the food and beverage market, Tetra Artistry is claimed to offer brands more diversified ways to reinvent the feel and look of their product packaging and stand-out on the consumer shelf.

Unilever to pioneer breakthrough recycling technology

05 Apr 2018 --- Multinational consumer goods giant, Unilever, has announced a partnership with start-up company Ioniqa and the largest global producer of PET resin, Indorama Ventures, to pioneer a new technology which converts PET waste back into virgin grade material for use in food packaging. The partnership hopes to lead an industry transformation by demonstrating an economically viable circular solution to packaging waste.

Supervac pushes the boundaries of packaging automation

04 Apr 2018 --- Vacuum packaging innovators, Supervac, presented a new automated packaging machine at Anuga FoodTec 2018 in Cologne, capable of combining flexible packaging sizes in a continuous and fully automatic filling and loading process. Alexander Aigner, Managing Partner of Supervac, speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst at the show about the performance potential of the new machine.

Transcontinental acquires Coveris Americas for US$1.3bn, strengthens flexible packaging position

03 Apr 2018 --- Transcontinental Inc., who have held the title of Canadas “largest printer,” will soon become the seventh largest packaging company in the US, following a US$1.32 billion acquisition of Coveris Americas, a business held by Coveris Holdings S.A.

Easter eggs hunted: Environmental concerns surround the chocolate treats

30 Mar 2018 --- Typical Easter indulgence in chocolate eggs may well come with associations of calorie guilt for some consumers, but recent research has cast a darker shadow on the chocolate treats, indicating their potential environmental damage. Researchers at the University of Manchester estimate that the UK chocolate industry produces 2.1m tones of greenhouse gases per year and that it takes a heavy 1000 liters of water to produce one chocolate bar. The packaging that accompanies the Easter eggs add the proverbial icing to the cake, campaigners claim.

Ecolean demonstrates progressive pouch solutions at Anuga FoodTec 2018

30 Mar 2018 --- Ecolean – a Swedish headquartered company which specializes in lightweight packaging – presented their two most cost-effective and sustainable filling solutions to date at Anuga FoodTec 2018 in Cologne. Christian Olsson, Director Filling Line Operations at Ecolean, sat down with FoodIngredientsFirst at the show to discuss the new EL2 and EL6 machines, and the strategy behind lightweight pouch production.

Banking on bottles, UK debuts recycling return scheme

29 Mar 2018 --- England will introduce a deposit return system (DRS) on all plastic, glass and metal drinks containers, the UK minister for the Environment, Michael Gove has announced. Such schemes have successfully been running in neighboring countries Germany and Sweden and Scotland announced a similar plan last year. These schemes have managed to boost collection rates for beverage packaging to over 90 percent in some states. The announcement has been met with positive feedback amid concerns over the potential costs of implementation.

Uflex: Sustainably elongating shelf-life of fresh produce and growing aseptic liquid packaging capabilities

28 Mar 2018 --- In light of modern challenges around food waste, India’s largest multinational company for flexible packaging materials and solutions, Uflex Ltd, presents FlexFresh, a patented film of special polymeric composition and Asepto, First Indian aseptic liquid packaging material brand. FlexFresh works to elongate product shelf life for fresh produce, while the Asepto range touts efficient aseptic liquid packaging solution coupled up with attractive holographic design and aseptic filling capabilities. WorldPackagingOnline spoke to Uflex to get a deeper insight.

Tetra Recart innovates in eco-friendly cartons, as Amazon spot the e-commerce potential

28 Mar 2018 --- Tetra Recart were present at Anuga FoodTec 2018, Cologne, to showcase their latest solutions in carton packaging. Wickedly Prime – the food brand of global e-commerce giants, Amazon, are currently using Recart’s innovative carton design for soup products. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with Anders Lindgren, VP for Tetra Recart, during Anuga FoodTec about the inspiration behind their carton designs and Amazon’s uptake.

Taghleef rides the circular economy with sustainable, recyclable packaging solutions at Anuga Foodtec 2018

27 Mar 2018 --- Taghleef Industries showcased their approach to modern, sustainable, flexible packaging and positioning themselves firmly as within a circular economy at Anuga FoodTec 2018. The show had a reported record-breaking number of visitors (50,000) when held in Cologne, Germany last week: an 11 percent increase from 2017. The show also attracted visitors from over 152 countries and comprised of 1,700 exhibitors.

GEA targets cost-efficiency and sustainability with three new innovations at Anuga FoodTec 2018

26 Mar 2018 --- World-leading process technology suppliers, GEA, took center stage at Anuga FoodTec 2018 by exhibiting three new landmark machinery applications: the Callifreeze, the MaxiFormer, and the Combi Plus. The new innovations attracted great interest from the Anuga crowds, as potential customers lined-up to speak with technical experts and product managers at GEA’s large, impressively branded and facilitated stand in Hall 10. FoodIngredientsFirst managed to sit GEA’s experts down to speak about these three exciting innovations.

EU Plastics Strategy: Multivac chief calls for responsibility amid digitalization revolution

23 Mar 2018 --- Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, Director and CEO of Multivac has adopted a clear position on the EU's Plastics Strategy, which he has outlined at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne earlier this week. One-third of the plastics-based packaging waste ends up in the environment, largely in the oceans, without any regulation, and in future, there is likely to be a rise in packaging production. “We are therefore convinced, that a high degree of commitment and awareness of responsibility is required, not only by the plastics industry but also by all players in the process chain – this means product manufacturers, producers and packers as well as machine and film manufacturers, retailers and of course consumers,” he said.

KHS introduces linear aseptic fillers ideal for bottling on-the-go breakfast products

20 Mar 2018 --- German manufacturer of innovative filling and packaging systems, KHS, have introduced new linear aseptic fillers for the bottling of sensitive products in a space-saving block system. Ideal for the packaging of on-the-go breakfast products like smoothies, milk, and yogurts, KHS are focused on providing solutions to the growing "mobile" consumer trend.