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    An innovative aroma extraction technology

    03 Apr 2018 FlavoLogic presented an innovative aroma extraction technology. “The extraction technology is a concentration technology where we have managed to achieve a very highly concentrated natural extracts which have a very authentic smell,” says Alexander Hasselbarth of FlavoLogic. “The specialty is that we have achieved this highly concentrated form with a dosing that can be 1-10,000. It offers real authenticity and makes flavors really natural. A solvent is a binding material where you absorb the aroma. It takes a very long time to saturate the solvent itself. It pumps through any water or liquid-based or ethanol-based liquid. The aroma binds to the solvents and after a certain period, it can wash down the aroma and you can get it concentrated into a very small volume of a solvent like ethanol.”
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