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    Expanding a healthier confectionery line for children

    04 Feb 2019 The demand for healthy snacks for children is a market in itself and Dutch-based startup Fruitfunk saw that there was an increasing need for an alternative to sweets snacks. In 2014, the company decided to do something about it. Fruitfunk snacks are made entirely from fruit. The moisture is removed from the fruit within a short time. The unique thing about the process is that it maintains the fibers, minerals and a large part of the vitamins from the fruit. More often than not, responsible snacks are aimed at adults, but Fruitfunk believes that by putting popular children's characters on their packaging, it can help make sweets and snacking fun for children. Daan Schapendonk of Fruitfunk discusses how the company has expanded their healthier confectionery line for children.
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