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    Fresh fruit and vegetable ingredients for a range of applications

    09 Jan 2019 Paula Ingredients presented their fruit and vegetable powers at HiE in Frankfurt at the end of last year. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Katarzyna Magiera says: “Our portfolio is quite big, we have dried fruit and vegetable powder and pieces, which are totally natural products. We try to base our ingredients on fresh, raw materials and then we dry them, thanks to our advanced technology. The final product keeps the color and structure and when you compare the final product with the raw material they are very similar. They are all natural without any preservatives and can be used in any application, including ice cream, confectionery and bakery. Legumes are becoming more popular, chickpeas, for examples, can be used as snack ingredients and as additional ingredients and they fit with the plant-based and clean label trends.”
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