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    Monk fruit comes closer to European debut

    04 Jan 2019 Paul Paslaski of MonkFruit Corp – a company that accounts for about 58 percent of the world’s supply of monk fruit sweeteners – told FoodIngredientsFirstin an interview at HiE 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, that the company is excited about the introduction of monk fruit to the EU market. Regulatory approval in the bloc is likely next summer. “Monk fruit will come in as a fruit concentrate, between 10 and 20 times as sweet as sugar. It will be more akin to what you would expect from honey and sugar, but without the calories. In the US, we have been pleased with the results from the dairy space, for example. It also performs well in beverages and we are also selling it in baked goods and cereals. It’s suitable for a range of applications,” says Paslaski.
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