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    Monkfruit moves closer to European debut

    11 Jun 2018 Monk fruit is a fascinating ingredient that has got the industry talking.Layn has been working on the dossier for almost a yearand according to the company, things are moving well. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Luca Pennestri, Layn, says that Monkfruit is moving closer to its European debut. “We are hoping to give good news to the industry within the year. The feedback we've had so far is positive, in the US and China, it has already been certified.We do see potential in different industries, such as beverages, it has a good taste profile and sweetening power. We can also apply in ice cream and bakery.” Monkfruit comes from the south of China, it has been used for 600 years in Chinese medicine, and to make tea and juice. It has a sweet taste and flavor profile.
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