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    Taking seaweed further in NPD

    01 May 2018 Seamore presents itself as a company that sells seaweed in a way that offers sustainability and health. “We first started with seaweed pasta based on 100% seaweed, when treated like pasta it behaves like it and forms a very light pasta. The next is I Sea Bacon, which is a 100% natural dehydrated pasta, which when pan-fried also takes advantage of the natural smokiness and saltiness of the seaweed for a bacon flavor. Undergoing production right now is a wrap that contains 50 percent seaweed and 50 percent corn. We hope it is a game-changing product that will get onto everyone’s plate. Seaweed is very sustainable and very healthy. You offer an alternative that replaces carbohydrates in many ways, with many other nutritional properties,” explains Rafael Quintana at the start-up innovator.
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