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    The launch of new lactose-free dairy options

    19 Apr 2018 Valio is launching a new line of lactose-free yogurt to the Spanish market. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, during Alimetaria 2018, in Barcelona, Anette Almi, said: “In Spain, we are moving into the lactose-free dairy market. We see more and more that consumers in Spain are conscious about lactose-free dairy. They don't want vegan products they do want dairy but without the lactose. At Valio, we are the expert in lactose-free dairy and now it is growing and there is a much bigger focus on the technology behind it. Protein has been developing a lot too, Spain is about five years behind the Nordic market, so we are targeting two things at once with some of our new Spanish launches - protein and lactose-free.
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