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    Trends in chocolate sustainability

    02 Feb 2018 Divine Chocolate Ltd. (UK) launched Divine Cappuccino Chocolate a “creamy white chocolate flavored with Fairtrade Madagascan vanilla.” Also new is the Divine Chocolate Tasting Set, offering “six fabulous flavors in a box of 12 little bars, all individually wrapped to cherish and share.” Divine Deliciously Dark Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate is an indulgent“smooth blend of hazelnut and deliciously rich dark chocolate.” Divine Salted Caramel Thins are: “soft caramel with a hint of salt, balanced with deliciously rich dark chocolate.” Sophi Tranchell, CEO of Divine Chocolate tells Innova Market Insights: “We are seeing a trend towards products with a bit less sugar and more cocoa, that speak more about origin. So one of the bars that we have come out has 45% chocolate that tastes good, but is also lower in sugar and has more of an adult flavor.”
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