Stern-Wywiol Gruppe achieves record sales, drives company ambition for far-sighted growth

07 Jun 2018 --- Hamburg-based food and feed ingredients supplier, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, increased its sales by €56 million (US$66 million) to €520 million (US$613 million) in 2017. With this figure, the company achieved 12 percent growth last year. The development of the group is mainly due to the expansion of its international presence and intensive applications research, according to Stern-Wywiol Gruppe.

SternMaid America invests in can filling line

06 Oct 2017 --- Looking to fulfill growing demand from the food and nutraceuticals industries, the Illinois, US-based contract manufacturer and co-packer SternMaid America has installed a modern double-head system to increase the capacity of its can filling line. Including further peripheral plant components, the company has invested some US$300,000 in this capacity extension.

SternMaid opens second plant in Wittenburg, Germany

28 Sep 2017 --- Earlier this month, SternMaid opened its second production plant in Wittenburg. Germany. With the new plant, the contract manufacturer for food ingredients and supplements in powder form has increased its annual production capacity to 50,000 tons. The new complex, covering an area of 5,000 m² opposite Plant 1, will in future be used for the manufacture of all retail products. The company has invested a total of some €15 million (US$17.6 million) in its construction and created 50 new jobs. SternMaid now employs a staff of nearly 300.

SternMaid Receives Organic Certification

30 Sep 2016 --- Since August 2016, SternMaid America has been certified for contract manufacturing of foods and food supplements in organic quality. The seal of approval from Quality Assurance International guarantees adherence to the NOP standards for the production of organic foods. Besides processing, blending and filling organic products in powder form, the company can procure raw materials from controlled organic farming at the customer’s request.

SternMaid Expands Capacity to Keep up with Demand of Powder Mixtures

20 Sep 2016 --- The contract manufacturer of foods and food supplements in powder form is greatly enlarging its capacity directly beside the existing production facility in Wittenburg and on 6 September SternMaid laid the foundation stone of a new production plant.

SternMaid to Enlarge its Facility in Wittenburg by Investing in Second Plant

13 Jul 2016 --- The contract manufacturer SternMaid is due to start construction work on a second production plant for powdered foods and food supplements in September. In the initial phase a production and warehouse complex with a floor area of 5,000 m² will be built opposite Plant 1.

SternMaid to Invest €9m to Increase Production by 10,000 Tonnes

06 Oct 2015 --- SternMaid has announced its intention to build a production plant in Wittenburg, Germany, which will increase annual capacity by an estimated 10,000 tonnes. The contract manufacturer is investing around €9 million in new buildings, with the latest powder blending equipment and downstream lines for filling small or retail packs of food ingredients and food supplements.

SternMaid Now Offers Fine Grinding and Homogenization

09 Dec 2014 --- At HiE in Amsterdam, SternMaid presented a comprehensive range of blending and processing options for precise adjustment of product attributes. The new hammer mill widens the range of outsourcing services to include fine grinding and homogenization.

SternMaid America Opens Chicago Production Plant

10 Oct 2014 --- SternMaid America is the first foreign sister company of the contract manufacturer SternMaid from Wittenburg, Germany, and is opening the first production plant of its own in Aurora, near Chicago. The facility in Illinois offers comprehensive, customized contract manufacturing services for compounding powdered substances, in particular food supplements.

Stern-Wywiol Gruppe Reports Stable Development in 2013

09 May 2014 --- The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe based in Hamburg achieved a turnover of 400 mill. EUR in 2013. With this figure the group of companies was able to stabilize its development on a high level after recent growth rates of 20 percent.

HERZA Schokolade Develops Concept for Single-Color Multilayer Bars

25 Mar 2014 --- As a renowned manufacturer of quality functional chocolate, at this year's Finished Products Europe trade fair in Geneva HERZA is focusing on attractive new products in the functional bar category. Marketers of sport nutrition, diet foods and health and lifestyle products can examine the flavour and consistency of a wide variety of energy and protein bars at HERZA's booth (No. 11016) and at the "Tasting Bar."

Hydrosol Develops Innovative Product Ideas for the Yogurt Category

12 Mar 2014 --- Yogurt products are a strong-selling category around the world. One reason is the variety of forms this dairy product can take. Individual flavours, refined textures and innovative packaging continuously provide the market with new growth opportunities. Hydrosol offers dairies a way to expand on this success with innovative creations.

Hydrosol Develops High Protein Dressing to Address Health & Fitness Trends

13 Feb 2014 --- German company Hydrosol has brought out a protein-rich salad dressing designed to appeal to health and fitness fans who are increasingly seeking protein-enriched products. The dressing, which targets the delicatessen industry, has a protein content of more than eight percent combined with a low fat content.

HERZA Schokolade Develops Novel Functional Bar Concepts

24 May 2013 --- Bars are one of the growing segments in the functional food market. And their success is by no means confined to the field of sport; they are constantly attracting new target groups. As a contract manufacturer, HERZA Schokolade produces functional bars for suppliers of branded products for athletes, dietetic foods and health and lifestyle products.

Hydrosol Creates Stabilizing Solution for Yogurt Shakes

27 Mar 2013 --- In order to help dairies boost their sales, Hydrosol has long been offering stabilising systems for trendy yoghurt shakes. But now the research scientists have succeeded in developing combinations of active ingredients with which manufacturers can produce yoghurt shakes from reconstituted milk – a great advantage, especially in hot countries where fresh milk is scarce.

Stern-Wywiol Gruppe Reports Double-Digit Growth Rates

12 Feb 2013 --- The Hamburg enterprise Stern-Wywiol Gruppe is still showing two-digit growth rates, and with over EUR365 million in 2012 it achieved the highest turnover in its 33-year history. The group’s success is the result of consistent innovation and systematic enlargement of the facilities for applications technology.

Sternchemie Eyes Red Palm Oil as Natural Colorant with Added Value

31 Jan 2013 --- Health, convenience and sustainability are key trends in the food market, which researchers expect to continue to gain in importance. So it’s no wonder that more and more manufacturers are advertising their products as “Free of preservatives, food colouring and artificial flavours.” Consumers are paying more attention to what they buy, and to the ingredients.

SternMaid Expands at Wittenburg Site

16 Oct 2012 --- With the recent extension, SternMaid is entering a new business field and will in future be able to produce for the pharmaceutical industry as well as offering new products for the food sector.

SternMaid Invests € 13 Million in Enlarging its Plant

15 Mar 2012 --- Over € 5 million of this has gone into the installation of a new fluid-bed processing plant which will widen the company’s range of processes and services to include drying, granulating, agglomerating and coating. The plant consists of two fluid-bed dryers with different capacities: a small pilot-scale unit on which parameters can be tested to permit upscaling for commercial production and a large multi-purpose industrial unit suitable for batch or continuous operation.

SternMaid Achieves GMP Certificate

07 Dec 2011 --- SternMaid processes active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients and manufactures nutrient premixes in a modern Bohle container blending unit.