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    Ensuring long-term quality and quantity of vanilla sourcing

    03 Apr 2018
    In 2007, Symrise took an important step in ensuring secure sourcing and quality across its vanilla supply chain and the company decided on a long-term oriented, intensive and holistic engagement in Madagascar. Thanks to their approach in Madagascar, Symrise today has a working relationship with around 8,000 vanilla farmers in the Sava region, the main vanilla production area in the country. In total, there are around 80,000 farmers on the island. By this, Symrise has launched a holistic program that on the one hand strengthen the independence of farmers and on the other ensure the quality and quantity of their vanilla purchase. Yannick Leen is the Global Competence Director for vanilla at Symrise. He recently spoke with FoodIngredientsFirst about the current situation in Madagascar.
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