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    The end of EU sugar quotas: new starch opportunities

    26 Oct 2017
    For decades, Europe’s sweetener market has been dictated by the European sugar regime, which limits the production of glucose-fructose syrup (isoglucose) to 720,000 tons, equivalent to 5 percent of beet sugar production. In addition, while Europe protected itself from imports from non-EU countries, it was faced with a World Trade Organization limit for exports of 1.4 million tons of sugar. Now that the European sugar regime has come to an end from October 1 this year, the picture is changing.Cargill believes this is a change with a positive impact on farmers, the industry and the consumers as well as for a sustainable, European footprint. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke to Alain Dufait, Managing Director of Starches & Sweeteners for Europe at Cargill about the ending of the sugar regime.
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