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    The war on malnutrition: Food start-up tailors cassava porridge to local needs

    15 Mar 2018
    Silicon Valley food start-up, JUST, Inc. is an innovator in the plant-based foods space. Formerly known as Hampton Creek, the company is probably best known for its vegan mayonnaise and early work into the cultured meat space. Now, the company is on a mission to help soften the blow of malnutrition in West Africa. Power Gari is a fortified cassava porridge, which sourced locally by small-scale farmers in Liberia. It is relatively cheap to produce and popular with consumers. It can also be tailored to the exact dietary needs of the market in which it is being sold. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke to Taylor Quinn, Director of Emerging Markets at Just, who is spearheading the program in Liberia.
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