Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) 2018 preview

Nov 2018

Lipoid GmbH

Lipoid is the pioneering company in purified lecithins and phospholipids, offering natural ingredients with unique properties and health beneficial effects. The products are obtained from renewable raw materials like egg yolk, soy and sunflower. They represent key ingredients for the creation of innovative formulations like liposomes, emulsions, micelles and suspensions. At HiE, Lipoid will be presenting the new products “PHOSAL Curcumin,” a novel phosphatidylcholine/curcuminoid formulation with enhanced bioavailability, and “LIPOID Liposome Basic,” pre-formulated empty liposomes that can be mixed with a wide range of active ingredients. Drawing on over 40 years of experience with phospholipids, the company helps customers in the innovation of unique products.