Fi Europe 2017: The companies to watch (J to Z)

Nov 2017


Mantrose-Haeuser is a world leader in edible coatings and specialty products. The company has an extensive product line for the pharmaceutical/nutritional supplement industries, USP/EP/NF and globally certified glazes as well as HPMCs, while their confectionery glazes and polishes provide brilliant gloss, scuff resistance, anti-sticking properties that enhance the appearance and functionality of the finished product. They also offer stabilizing systems for bakery applications. AgriCoat NatureSeal is the leading company for extending the shelf-life of fresh-cut produce. Nature- Seal products are proprietary blends of vitamins & minerals maintaining color, texture & taste of fresh-cut produce. Nature- Seal FS is the first step for decontaminating produce before processing.
Stand: 08.0A50