IFT 2018 (Chicago): The companies to watch

Jul 2018

NP Nutra

NP Nutra, a leading wholesale supplier of the finest nutraceutical ingredients, will be showcasing over 90 unique products at IFT 2018 including popular superfruits, superfoods, supergreens and an extensive Nutra Organics line. Featured will be NutraProtein Power Blend, their organic plant-based protein, AcaiVida, CocOganic organic coconut water powder and an improved MaquiForza Freeze-dried Maqui Powder with 50 percent more anthocyanin, polyphenol and ORAC content. Validated by a unique Triple-T Verification program launched last September, all products are sustainably sourced from farmers, of the highest quality and purity, processed at certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.