Vitafoods Europe 2018

May 2018

PB Gelatins/PB Leiner

PB Gelatins/PB Leiner
As an established global player in gelatins and collagen, PB Gelatins/PB Leiner supplies a complete range of high-quality gelatins and Solugel collagen peptides. They were the first company to launch cold soluble products and offer a more convenient gelatin-based solution that provides significant advantages regarding preparation time, flexibility and cost-in-use. Their consistent quality, flexible approach and profound understanding of our customers’ businesses are recognized worldwide. Solugel BD Series are premium collagen peptides that are produced from high-quality bovine materials and feature excellent dispersion and a neutral odor and flavor. As an agglomerated product, they can be easily and rapidly dissolved, which makes them suitable for all “instant” applications, such as smoothie powders or collagen drinks.
Stand: A34