IFT 2018 (Chicago): The companies to watch

Jul 2018


Roha brings forth a solution to O-ring formation on the necks of beverage bottles with a novel, natural pigment based formulation. Roha’s scientific experts have been working closely with clients in the lab and can now reveal their breakthrough product for the beverage industry – Ultima Yellow. A product under the Natracol brand, Ultima Yellow is a water dispersible liquid which imparts a yellow to orange shade in beverages depending upon the dosage. Developed from a fungal beta-carotene source, Ultima Yellow has a beta-carotene concentration of 1 percent and has many advantages over its predecessors. It disperses readily into beverage leaving no visible O-ring on the neck of the bottle, even during extended storage. Ultima Yellow is extremely stable to light and heat ensuring that there is no change in the shade or intensity of the color even when exposed to high processing temperatures or extended exposure to light.