IFT 2018 (Chicago): The companies to watch

Jul 2018

Sweet Green Fields (SGF)

Sweet Green Fields (SGF) is one of the leading global stevia extracts innovators. Its creation of improved stevia varieties in 1999 has contributed to its “Taste the Extraordinary” program. SGF pursues the goal of creating the most sugar-like stevia with products that meet customer demand for taste, low/zero calorie, cost and sustainability. Designed for high and low to medium sugar replacement use respectively, Intesse Stevia 2.0 provides manufacturers with unparalleled freedom in formulating with uncompromised exceptional sweetness; Optimizer Stevia delivers better taste, higher solubility and less cost than RA95 – RA100. Non-GMO verified, Zolesse Natural Flavor is a FEMA GRAS natural sweetening enhancing flavor, suitable for clean label products.