Fi Europe 2017: The companies to watch (J to Z)

Nov 2017

Symrise AG

Symrise AG
At FiE 2017, Symrise Flavor and Symrise Diana Food embark with their visitors on an interactive journey into taste and food. Onion. Vanilla. Citrus. Banana. Beetroot. The excursion starts with a selection of natural raw materials at the Experience Center. It demonstrates how Symrise lives backward integration sustainably. Using modern techniques and comprehensive customer knowledge, Symrise turns these into popular concepts for food and beverages, and baby food – also meeting the demand for low-sugar, low-sodium or low-fat products. The journey ends in the gastronomy area where guests can sample product concepts à la Symrise: craft grill burgers, caramelized onion soup, trendy veggie dishes, craft colas, chocolate, banana smoothies, to name just a few.
Stand: 08.0A71