ISM 2018: Sustainability, indulgence and “do-it-yourself”

Jan 2018

Mr. Candy Baker

Mr. Candy Baker (Switzerland) offers a Marshmallow Mix to make yourself with a raspberry & vanilla flavor. “With this mixture you can make your own marshmallows quick and easy yourself at home.” At ISM, the company also presented the concept to Make Your Own Gummi Bears Candy at home. Alexandra Bisaz Mr Candy Bakery explains: “We offer a mix to very easily make gummi bears at home. All you need is boiling water, with three mixes inside (apple, lemon and strawberry flavor) and also there is a mold inside. You pour the water and the mixes into the mold and after 30 minutes it is finished and you can eat them. It is based on a very typical preparation with gelatin.” The product has just been launched.