Asian fusion: Mane launches new range of marinades

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13 Feb 2018 --- Mane has launched a range of new marinades, which have been tailored to a wide variety of savory applications, meeting consumers’ needs for new taste discovery experiences, influenced by Asian flavors.

European consumers are increasingly experiencing Asian flavors, as shown by product launches in the last few years. Between 2011 and 2016, new launches of savory products with a typical Asian flavor increased by an average of 22 percent per annum, according to data from Innova Market Insights.


Mane has also used the insights from an extensive European survey about marinated meat to better understand consumers’ expectations, especially when it comes to flavors. In this survey about 2/3 of the consumers selected at least one Asian flavor among their top 5 most appealing new flavors. 

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Dominique Delfaud, Director Market Intelligence
for Strategic Development of Flavours
EMEA at Mane
“We did not want to include in our collection an umpteenth version of a 5 Spices marinade or a Sweet & Sour marinade. Indeed, over the years we have witnessed that consumers have gained greater knowledge in Asian cuisine. This is why we wanted to recommend appropriate references that enable supermarkets to provide renewed ranges in store, as well as guaranteeing an authentic taste experience,” explains Fanny Dézert, Meat Business Development & Marketing Manager for Western Europe.


Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst in a recent interview, Dominique Delfaud, Director Market Intelligence for Strategic Development of Flavours EMEA at Mane said: “Taste curiosity and diversity is on the rise. People travel, they like to explore new tastes, new cuisines.”


“For instance, in the West, we are witnessing the emergence of matcha (an ancestral green tea delicacy from Japan) which is slowly tried by western palates. Conversely, the taste of butter is making inroads into Asian products.”


“Consumers crave multi-sensorial experiences. Our teams have spotted 2 fast-moving flavors: pepper and ginger, which offer highly appealing aromatics and the thrill of warm and biting sensations,” she explained.
The range of Asian marinades by Mane includes an Uzbek marinade, a Cambodian marinade and an Indonesian marinade. It also includes “Nikkei” references, with profiles that combine flavors from Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, a fusion food trend.


The collection contains ten dry marinades that are all free-from taste enhancers and nanoparticles. The dosage on meat is close to 4 percent and the references are suitable for either meat or vegan applications.


The flavorist who developed this range has been inspired by her own knowledge of Asia; she is Vietnamese and has traveled a lot throughout the region.


As part of the process, she has employed different Mane technologies to reach the desired profiles, including:

PURE CAPTURE: A technology reproducing traditional cooking methods, for authentic and natural profiles such as roasted meat flavors.

SENSE CAPTURE: Umami, a 1:1 MSG alternative with an equivalent profile.

JUNGLE ESSENCE: A supercritical extraction technique used to obtain natural and complete flavoring profiles (e.g. a truly, authentic Black Pepper flavor from the raw material).

SENSE CAPTURE: Spices, a flavoring solution to optimize spice impact.


By Elizabeth Green

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