Barry Callebaut expands dairy-free chocolate portfolio

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22 May 2018 --- Barry Callebaut has announced the expansion of its dairy-free chocolate product portfolio, the new Pathway range which is set to premiere at this year’s annual Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, Illinois on May 22-24, 2018. With consumers demanding more dairy-free options across food categories, Pathway offers a range of dairy-free chocolate solutions, that is ready to use for myriad applications, including confectionery, baked goods, cereals and snack products.

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Laura Bergan, Director of Innovation and Market Development at Barry Callebaut says: “Dairy-free is a driving trend and consumer lifestyle food choice affecting many dessert and confectionery categories that Barry Callebaut has brands within, including ice cream, snack/energy bars and confections.”


“The sector has evolved from catering to individuals with dairy allergies or lactose intolerances to consumers opting to live a dairy-free or vegan lifestyle. Consumers are looking for dairy-free products for more than just allergy reasons, but incorporating more plant-based food products into their diets,” she explains. 


“We believe that dairy-free products will continue their momentum, given how many consumers are either switching to plant-based food diets or including plant-based choices in their everyday food choice,” Bergan says.

“We view the confectionery market as ideal for dairy-free offerings. Dark chocolate is often produced using no dairy ingredients. So on its own, it is a great foundational start and offers those living a dairy-free lifestyle an option in the chocolate category,” she notes. “Given many consumers do prefer milk chocolate, we anticipate a dairy-free substitute for milk chocolate will continue to grow in popularity and drive chocolate innovation towards more creamy and milky variations without using dairy ingredients. Barry Callebaut offers a 'milk-like' chocolate product to fit that consumer demand. The Pathway coatings and inclusions offer sweet and decadent flavor profiles that ensure Barry Callebaut customers can create products that respond directly to consumer demand for more dairy-free options, without sacrificing on taste.”

The Pathway dairy-free range of coatings and inclusions does not contain any dairy ingredients. These products are offered in dark and “milk-like” flavors. The “milk-like” products offer a lighter color and “milkier” type flavor profile to mimic as closely as possible the flavor of milk chocolate.

The new product line is an example of Barry Callebaut’s commitment to product development and innovation that responds to consumer demands.


Barry Callebaut’s Marketing and Innovation team says that it will continue to drive new product development in line with the consumer landscape and the demand for dairy-free, plant-based products across eating occasions.


“We will continue to analyze the dairy-free market within trends and consumer insights and address if further innovation is needed within this market,” adds Bergan.

By Elizabeth Green

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