Bell inspires innovators with “craft” and botanical extracts


23 Aug 2017 --- Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA has announced new trend concepts and flavor creations for beverage products, including botanical extracts and taste concepts.  This year, Bell is focusing on the “craft” megatrend, covering inspiring ideas for sparkling craft lemonades, refreshing flavors of cider, as well as innovative concepts for refining beer mixers. 

Inspired by craft
The term “craft” can be associated with natural, authentic and preferably local, yet innovative products as well as traditional production processes. Through the combination of past and modernity, the shift towards more authenticity and nostalgia, consumer confidence is created leading to a more emotional connection with a market product. 

The “craft” movement first started in the US with a steadily growing number of small, independent breweries that developed refined beer creations using traditional production processes. This trend is no longer limited to the beer segment. Particularly in the area of soft drinks, or rather in the case of lemonades, more and more innovative, yet familiar products are being created. Craft is mainly associated with unique aromas, high-quality ingredients and meticulous manufacturing procedures. Bell's natural flavors, botanical extracts and compounds help to create new beverages that are able to meet these high demands.

During the last year, Bell has been able to develop numerous successful concepts and product solutions, which have been specially designed for creating tasteful beer mixers. The company's extensive portfolio of various natural beer flavors surprises with fresh, hoppy, malty and citric notes, which can be used for rounding off low- and non-alcoholic beer mixers. Likewise, the modular beer flavors can be used to create completely new and innovative beer variants with differentiating and unique taste profiles. To complement these products, Bell also presents a range of natural fruit flavors, in order to develop sweet and tart beverages for invigorating the summer season.

A growing demand for crafted products within the beer segment is also pushing the expanding Cider segment, inspiring Bell to develop new natural flavors and extracts for alcoholic and non-alcoholic “craft cider” beverages. With a global consumption of more than 2.3 billion liters in 2016, cider is still in full swing. One of the key segments of the cider category is the so-called “flavored cider,” which a growing number of product strategies are aimed specifically at traditional wine and beer drinkers. New premium positioning and marketing options open up unexplored territories. That led Bell Flavors & Fragrances to combine not only the tasteful complexity of a variety of natural apple flavors, but also to create extraordinary and craft-inspired flavors such as certain fruit and flower notes, as well as high-quality botanical extracts, such as kola nut and honey.

Another trend within the beverage segment is the consumers’ desire for non-alcoholic cider variants that impart the same full taste as their alcoholic role models. This trend is particularly reflected in the growing health and wellness consciousness of consumers and a more sensible consumption. Therefore, Bell has developed a selection of sophisticated cider flavors, focusing on maximum enjoyment and full taste, while still being in line with the consumers’ aspiration to remain healthy.

Craft lemonades are another strong growing segment within the soft drinks category. Homemade lemonades manufactured Click to Enlarge according to Do-It-Yourself recipes are recently available in stores and enjoy great popularity. Refined recipes combine familiar and natural ingredients. Traditional production methods are just as important as authenticity, full flavor and a hip retro design. On this account, Bell has developed a holistic concept that combines familiarity, naturalness, quality and rich. Due to a unique selection of various fruity, floral and tart notes, Bell enables the development of lemonades that add a whole new dimension to the term “craft.” 

The increasing demand for non-alcoholic alternatives can also be recognized in the segment of cocktails and wine mixers. With its newly launched range of mocktail flavors, Bell claims to be showing that summer cocktails can be a real pleasure even if they are non-alcoholic. 

The current ongoing veggie hype is also an important trending topic for Bell: with a selected flavor assortment for the use in vegan protein shakes, Bell provides new impulses for this rapidly growing market segment.

The demand for food grade botanicals is rising as more consumers pursue natural products. In response, Bell Flavors & Fragrances has announced a new line of food grade botanical extracts. With botanicals ranging from absinthe, curry, ginger and more, Bell has already had great success in applications such as bakery, beverage, confections, dairy, and savory.

Naturally functional ingredients and foods continue to drive product developments and new innovations through the food and beverage industry. Research has uncovered many health benefits of using botanicals, and opportunities exist that reach a variety of different demographics. Consumers are seeking more natural foods that offer the botanical health benefits rather than opting for a vitamin capsule.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances' line of food grade botanical extracts for functional food and beverage manufacturers are specifically developed to address the needs of consumers who seek enhanced health benefits and functionality in the foods and beverages they consume. 

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