Clean appeal: CP Kelco launches label-friendly texturizing agent for neutral desserts

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04 Oct 2018 --- Producer of specialty hydrocolloid ingredients, CP Kelco, has launched GENU Explorer Pectin ND-200, a label-friendly food ingredient solution designed for neutral pH dairy desserts. GENU Explorer Pectin ND-200 is positioned as an ideal gelling agent for formulators seeking consumer-friendly ingredients for indulgent dairy desserts, such as Panna Cotta, crème desserts and more, according to CP Kelco.

Derived from citrus fruit, this solution delivers an indulgent creamy, full-bodied, mouthfeel similar to carrageenan in crème desserts and to gelatin in Panna Cotta.

“In light of the clean label trend and growing consumer demand for premium neutral dairy desserts, GENU Explorer Pectin ND-200 meets the needs of both formulators and consumers – it is a high-performance, nature-based solution. Pectin is a widely accepted, recognizable ingredient among consumers. In addition, CP Kelco builds in sustainability considerations in its pectin manufacturing process, ensuring that the citrus peel raw material utilized does not go to waste. It instead later becomes animal feed or serves as biofuel,” says Chloé des Courtis, Sr. Regional Marketing Manager – EMEA at CP Kelco. 

“Because GENU Explorer Pectin ND-200 is also suitable for dairy-alternative products, manufacturers can now innovate in this growing category with a label-friendly solution, answering consumer demand for premium, indulgent desserts,” she adds.  

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, des Courtis says: “We developed the GENU Explorer Pectin ND-200 solution over an 18-month period. The process began when we identified a market need for a label-friendly texturizing solution for use in neutral desserts. Our team then worked on developing the solution and standardizing it for dairy applications.” 

Indulgence and pleasure is the number one reason consumers purchase desserts, either to satisfy a craving, take a break or conclude a meal. However, consumers are also paying attention to other attributes and the clean and clear label trend continues to accelerate. Indeed, consumers want to understand the quality, purpose, and origin of ingredients, searching for ingredients they easily recognize on food labels, according to des Courtis. 

“The challenge is to answer this consumer need for a label-friendly texturizing agent in an indulgent category such as desserts, while still maintaining the great mouthfeel, texture and other sensory qualities associated with this category.  GENUExplorer Pectin ND-200 offers desirable functionality with no compromise on indulgence and pleasure and a ‘clean’ appeal,” she explains. 

Premiumization and indulgence in foods have normalized, according to des Courtis. “Premium desserts and textures offer consumers a way of promoting their lifestyles or diets as well as treating themselves. Consumers want to take back control of their health and diet and they are willing to pay for a product that delivers the benefits they seek,” she continues. “The demand for premium desserts and textures is also supported by globalization. Consumers have greater opportunity to travel and experiment new foods, flavors and textures.”

“We believe the clean label trend is here to stay,” des Courtis affirms. “The main element consumers are looking for is transparency in the food chain. The food industry must play a role to gain consumer trust, and this will come along with expanding communication and information on ingredients.”

“Managing a sustainable supply chain, from raw material sourcing to food waste reduction as we do with our GENU Explorer Pectin range of solutions, is a way to address consumer demand for a clean label. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution on clean label, as there is no official definition,” she adds. 

GENU Explorer Pectin products are extracted from citrus fruit peels, utilizing CP Kelco’s proprietary technology. The result is a reliable and easy-to-handle solution that does not require pre-hydration. It resists syneresis while delivering excellent mouthfeel and creaminess as well as the ability to form gels in hot and cold filled desserts with the same traditional process.

Dairy dessert texturizing solutions to meet formulation goals
GENU Explorer Pectin ND-200 is the latest addition to CP Kelco’s broad portfolio of specialty ingredients that offers formulators extensive flexibility to achieve their goals for dairy and dairy-alternative desserts. The company’s nature-based ingredients range from traditional carrageenan solutions to new label-friendly pectins. Most recently, CP Kelco introduced GENULACTA Carrageenan LD600 as a texturizing agent for developing affordable creamy dairy desserts, suitable for both hot and cold filling.

By Elizabeth Green

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