Combidome convenience: SIG partners with Pfanner for on-the-go juice drink

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19 Jun 2018 --- Targeted at busy millennials who “prefer to consume healthily on-the-go,” Pfanner’s Supersafte range of lifestyle juices are packaged in SIG’s innovative carton bottle combidome 500ml, which is optimized to be consumed on the move. The companies state that the new range of drinks tap into the millennial market even further through their transparent marketing and sustainable status. 

An increasingly mobile generation is stimulating food and beverage manufacturers to make important NPD decisions and packaging is playing an ever more integral role. SIG states that it aims to drive product innovation and differentiation, working in partnership with producers to offer product and packaging solutions which perfectly match food and drink innovations.

“Different generations have changing needs and the mobile Millennial prefers to snack on the move, rather than taking regular meals. By working closely with SIG, we were able to develop a complete product solution for this health-conscious group, who like to maximize their time by consuming on-the-go. From developing initial product and packaging ideas through to the final concept, we now believe that together we’ve achieved the ideal range of drinks for this mobile generation,” says Peter Pfanner, Managing Partner of Hermann Pfanner Getranke GmbH.

The design of the combidome bottle is designed to provide the on-the-go consumer with an easy meal option: “The slim, sturdy combidome carton bottle sits very comfortably in the hand, with a raised, central and easy to open and close single-action domeTwist screw cap for quick and convenient consumption. At 28mm, the inner diameter of the closure is particularly large, enabling consumers to drink conveniently on-the-go straight from the carton pack. Fully resealable, combidome can be easily and safely stored in bags or rucksacks,” a SIG spokesperson tells FoodIngredientsFirst.

According to the company, SIG's combidome design has the advantages of an aseptic carton pack, but with all the benefits of the bottle shape.

Eye-catching designs
“This target group is looking for true innovation; from product through to packaging.  All four display surfaces of combidome and its distinctive carton dome, are fully printable and thus available for use to enhance the carton design. This means combidome differs markedly from conventional beverage bottles, whose design possibilities are mostly limited to narrow labels or banderoles,” the spokesperson explains.

“The scoClick to Enlargepe of this offering makes it possible for manufacturers to communicate information and to attract, especially younger, consumers’ attention to the product – the design on the printed surface becomes the perfect complement to the unusual shape. The paperboard for the combidome carton packs is printed with up to six colors using the gravure printing system. This print technique guarantees extremely high-quality print images.”

“On pack campaigns and QR codes can be used to track this information and helps to build a closer relationship with the brand, resulting in greater loyalty. Research has shown that 49 percent of millennials remain loyal to a brand that communicates transparency,” they add.

Sustainable status
Sustainability is the theme of the moment in packaging, and of course, SIG state that the combidome can be recycled and has a low carbon emission level, especially when compared to other bottled packaging options.

“Just like all other carton packs from SIG, combidome and its closure are fully recyclable, and are compatible with all national recycling and waste management systems. Combidome can be disposed of and recycled as a single unit,” the spokesperson says.

“With their high content of unprocessed paperboard, manufactured from wood, a renewable raw material, carton packs have been proven to be among the most environmentally-friendly packaging solutions available for long-life beverages. The same applies to combidome carton packs. This has been demonstrated in an independently verified, ISO-compliant life-cycle assessment conducted in 2012. For instance, considered over the entire life of the packaging, combidome carton packs generate 41 percent less CO2, use 51 percent fewer fossil resources, and consume 33 percent less primary energy than disposable PET multilayer bottles; when compared to disposable PET monolayer bottles, these figures are 27 percent for CO2, 42 percent for fossil resources and 20 percent for primary energy. Compared to disposable glass bottles, combidome generates 75 percent less CO2, uses 66 percent fewer fossil resources, and consumes 60 percent less primary energy.”

“To manufacture combidome, SIG uses only raw paperboard made from FSC-certified sources (Forest Stewardship Council) or other controlled sources. This means SIG customers worldwide can choose to display the FSCT label on any combidome, as well. The label makes it easier for environmentally-conscious consumers to make the right purchasing decision on the sales shelf. The label provides a verification that appropriate quantities of wood originating from FSC-certified, well-managed forests or other controlled sources were used to manufacture the raw paperboard,” they add.

The not-from-concentrate range comprises of three drinks: 
Augenöffner (Eye Opener): “A stimulating multi-juice energy drink, with added Guarana and caffeine for a natural boost.”
Pausenfüller (Pause Filler): “Ideal for hunger in between meals, is a mix of strengthening almonds, acerola cherries and bananas as well as other valuable fruits, with niacin to provide energy.”
Stresskiller (Stress Killer): “A relaxing mix of direct-pressed apples, sour cherries, blackcurrants, elderberries, raspberries with added hemp, fragrant cinnamon and magnesium to support the normal functioning of the nervous system.”

Further product partnerships for SIG include Arla's organic dairy line. 

By Laxmi Haigh

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