Crispy bacon success: Sirane develops new microwaveable packaging solution


06 Jul 2018 --- Food packaging innovators Sirane has launched a new microwavable pack which is capable of crisping bacon precisely to the preference of the individual consumer. The consumer need only adjust the cooking times to adjust the levels of crispiness. An absorbent board within the pack absorbs the hot fat released by the bacon during microwaving, ensuring ideal taste and texture every time.

Sirane Managing Director Simon Balderson says: “Over the years we’ve been asked to develop many products, but one that’s kept on popping up is a pack that will cook bacon in a microwave. We’re now able to offer exactly that – a ‘microwave crispy bacon pack'.”

“Having developed the product in-house, we’re now pleased to offer it to the wider market and I believe this is a product which will generate some real excitement in the industry.”

Sira-Cook Crispy Bacon Packs can be sold as a complete sealed pack with the bacon or as a take-home pack for customers to add their own bacon. They could also be used in cafes and commercial kitchens as a means of cooking bacon.

They are also being added to the Sirane Thinking-Cooking range – a line of products which are packaged and sold directly to the customer for domestic use. A partner overseas is also launching a retail product under their own brand.

Sirane is an innovative packaging design, development, manufacture and solutions company which specializes in areas including absorbency and ovenable/microwaveable products, compostable packaging, films, boards, absorbent pads, and more.

FoodIngredientsFirst has contacted Sirane for more information on the microwavable bacon pack.

Absorbent pads for a range of cheese types
Sirane also launched a range of absorbent pads for various cheese types including creamy cheese, wet cheese or drier cheese. The pads can improve shelf-life and product presentation.

Sales Director Jeremy Haydn-Davies says: “Absorbent cheese pads are perfect for ensuring great product presentation and extending shelf-life of soft, wet and creamy cheeses.”

“They are also commonly used by producers with freshly processed cheeses. The pads are used to sit below the cheese and absorb unwanted liquid while ripening the cheese,” she says.

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Sirane's absorbent pad for cheeses

“But we also have products that are suitable for use on the shelf/counter and in packaging. Different cheeses have very different requirements, but the range covers all bases, whether it’s a fresh, wet cheese or a drier cheese such as goats’ cheese, there’s an absorbent pad to help,” she adds.

Sirane’s standard Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold absorbent cheese pads absorb excess moisture and whey within the pack perfectly and so preserve the quality and freshness of packaged cheese. Used predominantly for wet cheeses, they are lightweight and use no adhesives.

Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold absorbent cheese pads can be treated with additional processes: AF which will inhibit mold growth or IR which will ensure a high level of sterility.

However, there are other options available, suitable for different cheese types: Inflex where low absorbency is needed with fresh cheeses; pads for very fresh creamy cheeses producing lots of liquid; pads for maturing drier cheeses such as goats’ cheese where the microporous surface allows for excellent airflow, Sirane also offers absorbents for crepes.

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