DSM launches the fastest lactase enzyme for lactose-free dairy


16 Mar 2018 --- As the trend towards healthier eating grows, so does consumer awareness for topics like digestive health. In response to this, DSM has launched Maxilact Smart, promoted as the fastest lactase enzyme on the market. The innovative Maxilact Smart enables a significant increase in production efficiency and capacity, allowing dairy producers to meet the growing demand for lactose-free dairy products.

Lactose-free dairy has a stand-out health appeal, offering all the nutritional benefits of dairy while being easier to digest. Lactose-free is, therefore, creating new opportunities for dairy producers, but also drives the need for a faster and more efficient production process.

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Merel Roes, Business Manager
Dairy Enzymes at DSM


Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Merel Roes, Business Manager Dairy Enzymes at DSM Food Specialties said: “Maxilact Smart is suitable for use in a variety of lactose-free applications – particularly milk, but also yogurt, cheese, or desserts. It is also suitable for different production methods, and whether a producer adds lactase before or after heat treatment.”

“DSM’s lactase experts have been working on Maxilact Smart from concept to completion for a few years, and were very pleased this year to confirm the results with customer trials which showed a double-digit increase in production efficiency.”

DSM is continually innovating to improve the performance and taste of the Maxilact range, and according to Roes, the company intends to continue to do that to meet the needs of customers in the fast-growing lactose-free dairy market.

“We are seeing significant growth in the lactose-free dairy segment and we expect this growth to continue, which is why we wanted to develop a faster lactase which could help dairy producers keep pace with this demand,” adds Roes. 


“DSM is proud to introduce Maxilact Smart to enable our customers to grow their business with premium, lactose-free products,” continues Roes. “Inspired by feedback from our customers, our lactase experts developed this enzyme to have an impact on efficiency while maintaining a clean taste. Customers have confirmed in their trials that Maxilact Smart enables a double-digit increase in production efficiency by enabling faster production, meaning more throughout in less time.”

Maxilact Smart is the latest addition to DSM’s Maxilact range of lactase enzymes, consisting of pure, unique products that ensure a clean taste. The new enzyme is suitable for a variety of applications, including milk and fresh dairy. It is easy to implement in production and can be added before or after heat treatment. As it positively impacts production efficiency by enabling faster production, it contributes to sustainability objectives as well.


By Elizabeth Green

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