HB Natural Ingredients eyes opportunities in stevia and licorice extracts

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11 Jul 2018 --- Plant-based ingredients manufacturer HB Natural Ingredients is eyeing opportunities in stevia and licorice extracts to achieve their reformulation and NPD objectives. The company’s next generation, modified stevia extracts are planned for near-term launch. Currently, HB Natural Ingredients’ technology-driven portfolio includes a comprehensive range of stevia extracts, such as Rebaudioside D and licorice root extracts, such as MAG (Mono-Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate).

“We're excited about how our stevia and licorice specialty ingredients can help consumer marketers achieve their business and brand objectives,” says Joseph Zannoni, CEO at the company. “Our vertically integrated and environmentally responsible supply chain enables HB Natural Ingredients to offer superior benefits to consumer product makers, specifically quality, transparency, performance and confidence.”

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Mauricio Bacigaluppo, VP Global Sales and Marketing explains: “The demand for natural ingredients continues to be on the rise. Consumers are looking to get better tasting and expanded, more competitive choices for natural-based products.”

“The stevia market is quite a dynamic one and we are seeing new developments coming in that will speed up its growth even more. Innovation to meet consumer demands is key and HB Natural Ingredients is positioned for quick leadership in this segment,” he notes. 

According to Bacigaluppo, the company has near-term launch plans for next-generation, modified stevia extracts. “These products will deliver better sweetness (more rounded/less bitter taste) and enhanced flavor-modifying properties,” he claims. 

“Our portfolio of stevia extracts and licorice root extracts provides essential benefits to our customers, such as quality, transparency, performance and confidence. Our team has excellent knowledge in terms of working with consumer product manufacturers to help them achieve their marketing objectives,” says Bacigaluppo. “We also have extensive R&D technology that can be applied to develop new plant-based ingredients that will advance the development of great consumer products.”

For instance, Co-Chairman and Chief of Science & Technology, Dr. Varuzhan Abelyan, is expert in industrial enzymology and biotransformations, particularly in the areas of natural sweeteners, functional oligosaccharides and other physiologically active ingredients. “He is one of the founders of PureCircle,” adds Bacigaluppo. “Dr. Abelyan is leading a variety of new product initiatives using new technologies, including our launch plans for next generation, modified stevia extracts.”

HB Natural Ingredients works closely with customers to bring nutritional and organoleptic benefits to consumers, says Bacigaluppo. “This end-user focus is a priority commitment for our entire company. We will also leverage our integrated sustainable supply chain and innovation capabilities to bring new, better performing stevia and licorice ingredients to market. We’re excited about the possibilities,” he confirms.

HB Natural Ingredients has also assembled a board and management team with expertise in specialty ingredients, particularly sweeteners. The company also aims to propel rapid growth based on R&D technology, an integrated sustainable supply chain and new product innovation.

HB Natural Ingredients will make its industry debut at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) trade show on July 16, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois. The company will be discussing how consumer product technical and marketing teams can utilize stevia and licorice extracts to achieve their reformulation and new product development objectives.

By Elizabeth Green

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