Nestlé debuts new-look “sharing box” KitKat Senses


05 Jul 2018 --- Nestlé has opted to revamp its packaging for KitKat Senses, following in the trend to offer chocolate in small portion-packed, flow-wraps which tap into the “sharing trend” and offer a “wow effect” when opened, Svetlana Kourianova, European Key Account Manager at AR Packaging tells FoodIngredientsFirst

The design has a pop-open box design, designed for sharing, where when the lid is removed the chocolates are displayed and the package can be easily reclosed. The tray and lid are made of 100 percent cartonboard and no outer plastic wrapping is needed.

The new-look was the result of a collaboration between Nestlé, AR-Packaging and digital printer Mediaköket. The company describes how the project started with an idea generation by Nestlé and AR Click to EnlargePackaging, with the intention to update their new KitKat series. In order to continue on the fast track, they engaged Mediaköket to deliver the first prototypes one week after receiving the final decision on the design. Two weeks after the prototypes were delivered, the final decision was made and the production started at A&R Carton in Frankfurt, Germany. Click to Enlarge

“I’m very proud to be part of AR Packaging and how it provides all possibilities to work together with its many specialized subsidiaries. In this case, Mediaköket delivered the prototypes super-fast and made it easy for me to pitch this idea to Nestlé. All cred to my great colleagues at the A&R Carton Frankfurt plant for doing a great job with design, development and of course production,” adds Kourianova.

The collaboration states that is it proud of both its design and the speed with which it was able to reach the market. The project started in January 2017 and KitKat Senses was available in shops 13 months later. Kourianova tells FoodIngredientsFirst that Nestlé and AR-packaging will continue their work together with new projects in Europe, Russia and Asia.

By Laxmi Haigh

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