Premium pet treats: Essentia launches clean label proteins based on "human grade" raw materials

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03 May 2018 --- Ingredients manufacturer Essentia Protein Solutions is targeting the premium pet food market with a new natural range of clean label meat-based proteins for pet food manufacturers. Essentia’s new brands are designed to deliver protein enrichment, taste enhancement, yield and texture improvements for any dog and cat food.

The pet food sector is becoming more sophisticated, as the growing humanization of pets is driving NPD in the pet food industry. 

Crucially, the new range benefits from 100 percent natural "human grade" raw materials, a distinctive trademark of Essentia’s product line.

The company’s portfolio of ingredient solutions covers probably the widest range of species – chicken, beef, pork plus different types of fish and seafood – which helps to meet certain species claims.

By offering the choice of clean label ingredients, Essentia’s new range aims to help pet food producers tap directly into the top pet nutrition trends for 2018.

Click to EnlargeAs well as supporting the free-from claims of grain, gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO, the range also meets other trending health claims, such as high in protein, low in fat, calorie and ash content.

For this and other savory recipe applications, Essentia is responding with the launch of PetSavio, a series of healthy and tasty bone broths and stock bases that provide the natural meaty taste of either chicken, fish, beef or pork. Another benefit is that PetSavio supports bone, muscle and coat health.

And to further support the rapidly growing segment of pet owners who are deeply concerned about pet health, Essentia is launching PetNutrio – a product line that features collagen peptides.

Typically, this range is used for protein fortification of both treats and feed supporting bone and joint health, muscle maintenance, weight management and coat care. The seafood versions all contain taurine, which is essential for cats.

For trending applications such as high protein fitness treats and chewy meat sticks, Essentia is launching PetPremio – a series of clean label functional proteins with outstanding water-binding properties for improved yield and elasticity. 

Equally, PetPremio helps reduce dough shrinkage and is excellent for providing improved cohesiveness in meaty chunks.

Technology Manager and member of Essentia’s pet range innovation team Rod Davies said: “The decades of expertise and technical know-how we have applied to our human quality meat-based proteins have now been modified to fit into many pet food products – from dry or wet food to snacks and treats.

“We see the pet food range of proteins and taste solutions as a natural extension of our diverse portfolio of innovative products.”

“Our new natural range is designed for pet producers to promote clean and clear labeling. Every pet is special and pet owners are highly conscious consumers with special demands on health, sustainability and quality of life.”

At Essentia’s innovation center in Denmark, a team of protein specialists offers customized workshops, pet food protein classes and on-site trials.

PetNutrio, PetPremio and PetSavio are only promoted outside North America.

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