Rousselot launches solution for starch-free production of gummies


28 Nov 2017 --- Rousselot has developed SiMoGel, a new gelatin-based solution for the starchless production of gummies. Launching at this year’s Fi Europe, it is the perfect solution for state-of-the-art jelly production on starchless confectionery equipment.

SiMoGel allows manufacturers to produce innovative gummies with 3D shapes, stripes and fillings in a clean and hygienic environment, while significantly optimizing production processes and reducing costs.
For years, jelly confectionery manufacturing has relied heavily on starch moguls. Rousselot’s SiMoGel allows manufacturers to replace the traditional starch moguls with silicone or metal molds or even blisters, making the production process completely hygienic and ideal for use by nutraceutical confectionery producers.

However, SiMoGel offers many other significant advantages to the confectionery industry. It can be used to significantly speed up the production process, as gelatin-based gummies without starch, depositing require only a few minutes to dry instead of 24 hours. SiMoGel also eliminates the starch recycling stage, lowers energy consumption and labor time, while removing the need for storage or gelling rooms before demolding.
With its multiple functional and processing benefits, SiMoGel can be used by a wide range of confectionery and nutraceutical manufacturers, to create end products with superior appearance, flavor release and transparency. The solution contains a customized recipe based on specific gelatin grades, either porcine or bovine, which can be used to meet gummy producers individual texture requirements. Rousselot Gelatins can also be blended with other hydrocolloids to create an even wider texture scope.
This concept has been tested and validated on the equipment of Baker Perkins, a British engineering company which offers process systems and equipment to the global food industry.
You can find out more about SiMoGel visit stand J11, Hall 8 at Food Ingredients Europe 2017.

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