Sensient taps into organic coloring foods space

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09 Feb 2018 --- The presence of organic products in the retail landscape in Europe has consistently been increasing over the past two decades. Hot on the heels of this, Sensient has launched a new range of organic coloring foods to their already broad portfolio of color solutions.

Since July 2010 the organic production logo of the European Union has been introduced and next to other regional bio logos can be found on a multitude of products across the region.

Click to EnlargeGiven the expansion of organic food and drink offerings in the markets, Sensient's new range of concentrates is based on carefully selected edible plant sources from organic production.


Speaking with FoodIngredientsFirst, Dr. Roland Beck, Managing Director of Sensient colors Europe GmbH, said: “Innova Market Insights Trends for 2018 included “Say it with Colour” and social media is driving the frenzy. The digital world and the role of social media in daily life have a direct and growing effect on food. Visually appealing food and drink products are now more popular due to the social media sharing-based culture. Furthermore, consumers are no longer satisfied with simply buying products, increasingly they want brands to provide experiences like different or intense color hues. Given the extremely wide and varied range of different organic products already available on end product markets today, combined with consumers’ expectation on high-quality food, we are convinced that the visual appearance of organic products is as important as for any other product.”


“Organic market is in growth, thus the consistent supply of desired quality is always important to satisfy demand at any time. We first extensively tested different source materials to ensure the best color intensity and stability for the organic coloring food range.”
“Our organic range is based on carefully selected edible plant sources from organic production originating from traditional foods, such as carrot or beet. Only the highest quality products, based on the specifically selected materials, are used in the creation of this range. Sensient is constantly looking at other suitable sources for this range and, as always, in raw material sourcing, acts to minimize environmental impact and avoid any unnecessary waste of natural resources,” he explains.    

Originating from traditional foods, such as carrot or beet, they provide a variety of orange and red shades with excellent stability and coloring efficiency for a wide range of applications including dairy products, confectionery, non-alcoholic drinks, or sauces and seasonings.

Sensient is committed to consistent color innovation and finding the right color solutions that are bio-certified.


By Elizabeth Green

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