Symrise Addresses Rebound of Rum with New Flavors for Various Applications


08 Jun 2017 --- Symrise is supporting customers’ growing interest in rum-flavored beverages and food products with concepts for a vast range of traditional and novel applications. Innova Market Insights reported 549 new global products containing rum as a flavor in 2016, up from 355 in 2015, which is a CAGR of +55%. Alcoholic Beverages accounted for 67% of 2016 launches, ahead of Confectionery (13%), Bakery (8%) and Desserts & Ice Cream (5%).

Marianna Biancardi, Senior Marketing Consumer Insight Specialist with Symrise’s Marketing, Sensory and Consumer Insights Group, said: “While rum sales have been static for a number of years, they are now gaining momentum. This rebound is due to an increased interest in rum-type cocktails primarily among influential Millennials and Baby Boomers who are frequenting trendy Polynesian-inspired Tiki bars where rum-based drinks are popular. The renewed interest in Cuba and its potential for once again being a popular travel destination also supports the rebound of rum and rum-flavored products.”

Biancardi cited the Rum Tasting Festivals that are being held across the country. “The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, the California Rum Festival and the MidWest Rum Fest are good indications of the growing popularity of this spirit which is also being used in beers and ciders.” She added that rum tasting bars are appearing at pop-ups at local food markets and special events.

Biancardi explained that formulators who want to feature rum flavors in beverages and in bakery, confectionery and dairy products can count on assistance from Symrise’s marketing and flavor development experts. “Our team of rum flavor pros has the experience and know-how to effectively use rum flavors as standalone flavors or in combination with Symrise’s extensive series of tropical fruit flavors.”  

Recent launches tracked by Innova Market Insights include Mcstevens Tiki Party Key Lime Mojito Mix, which features the claim: “Get your Hawaiian party started with Mcsteven's Tiki Drinks! Craft a delicious key lime mojito with this mix.”

Biancardi explains that formulators who want to feature rum and similar alcohol notes while limiting the amount of sprits in the final product, can find a solution in Symrise’s Typarom technology, which mimic the flavor of spirits and their maturation. 

Another of Symrise’s recent initiatives, All About Rum, has yielded significant insights into the way rum is used in Tiki drinks. She explains: “When you look at our entire process – going on field treks, talking with mixologists, conducting consumer insights and developing new flavors and concepts – it becomes clear that we are well positioned to assist customers who want to maximize the opportunities created by the Tiki trend.”

Vanessa Blume, Symrise, recently spoke with FoodIngredientsFirst at PLMA, Amsterdam, who discussed innovation in alcohol. She said: Adult tastes are driving these consumers trends in rum and in particularly the distillation process.” You can view the full video interview here

Last month, Symrise annouced their agreement to acquire Cobell Limited from the Managing Partners, in a bid to strengthen their position in the British market segment for beverages. Cobell, which was established in 1999, is the largest supplier of processed fruit and vegetable juices in Great Britain and a leading supplier across Europe. Cobell ideally complements the activities and will enhance Symrise’s local presence and customer proximity. You can read the full story here.  

by Elizabeth Green

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