Firmenich opens Culinary Discovery Center in Thailand

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14 Mar 2018 --- Firmenich has opened a new Culinary Discovery Center in Bangkok, Thailand, to serve as the company’s hub for Southeast Asia. The new facility provides a collaborative environment where Firmenich chefs, flavorists and food technologists can work together with customers to shape the future of food. Fully immersed in the region’s rich culinary heritage, this center will develop innovative culinary solutions cutting across Savory, Sweet Goods and Beverages for consumers in Southeast Asia and beyond.

“This investment reflects South East Asia’s importance to Firmenich as both a strategic growth region, as well as Savory hub for Firmenich,” says Chris Millington, President of Flavors, Firmenich. “Putting our innovation to work, our chefs are dedicated to creating authentic, great tasting, nutritious products from smart proteins all the way to sugar, salt and fat reduction, in close collaboration with our local and regional customers.”

Click to Enlarge“Sharing a great taste experience forms a bond between people, across cultures and languages, it gives us stories and moments of happiness with our family and friends,” says Ed Alejandrino, Vice President of Flavors, Southeast Asia. “We look forward to welcoming our customers to our Culinary Discovery Center, an inspiring space that will open their eyes, taste buds and mind to new possibilities,” he noted.


Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Darrel Fletcher, Business Development Director of Savory, Southeast Asia for Firmenich said: “Thailand is an advanced and dynamic food market which is influential across South East Asia due to its cutting-edge trends, incorporation of modern technology, and inspiring new products that stay true to their unique culture. In addition to their creative noodle and cooking aid market, Thailand has a significant protein industry making it a key driver of the latest savory foods and flavoring.”

The new Culinary Discovery Center will focus on traditional strengths of bouillon, instant noodles and cooking aids, and will expand Firmenich's presence in the protein market.

“The growing demand for protein in the region, increased Government health regulation, and consumer demand for healthier options are all areas where Firmenich can make a significant positive impact through our expertise and ability to deliver healthy, sustainable and great tasting solutions,” explains Fletcher.  

“Locating our newest Culinary Discovery Center in this key market in combination with our Culinary Anthropology approach. Our new way of working with clients to co-develop products through design thinking and rapid prototyping techniques will allow us to develop the next great eating experience with clients leveraging the influence of this dynamic region while setting a new benchmark for speed to market,” he notes. 

Firmenich has also just launched “Culinary Anthropology,” a new and proprietary design thinking approach to developing savory products with customers through creative ideation and rapid prototyping which will be employed at the Culinary Discovery Center and throughout Southeast Asia. During a Culinary Anthropology session, Firmenich takes customers through a series of exercises that are designed to stimulate creative thinking and generate innovative business ideas.


By Elizabeth Green


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