Lallemand Bio-Ingredients introduces Engevita® Proteina

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Are you looking for a natural, allergen-free, vegan-friendly functional ingredient?

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients introduces Engevita® Proteina, a savory tasting, high protein inactive yeast. Engevita® Proteina is produced from primary grown yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and dried to a fine homogeneous light beige powder. Learn how to use it in savory applications!

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Lallemand Bio-Ingredients


Lallemand Bio-Ingredients

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Lallemand Inc. is a privately-held Canadian company, founded at the end of the 19th century, which specializes in the development, production and marketing of yeasts and bacteria. Today, Lallemand is present through plants, distribution centers or representative offices in 40 countries on the 5 continents.

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients (LBI) develops, manufactures and markets high-value yeast products from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Torula yeast, including whole cell nutritional yeast, yeast extracts and yeast derivatives. The LBI business unit was initially formed in 1987 and the first products consisted of those sold for baking, nutritional, food and animal health applications. The product line grew to include mineral- and vitamin-rich yeasts and derivatives (extracts and cell wall products).

The LBI business now includes three application areas:

Savory: Lallemand LyfeTM yeast extracts range contains peptides, free amino acids, nucleic acid and other compounds naturally present in yeast, which, just like seasonings, help to improve taste, bring out and balance flavors in food products. Among inactive yeasts, Lake States® Torula is a specially grown Torula yeast with a unique flavor profile and water-binding, emulsifying capacity.

Health: Engevita® is a premium nutritional yeast which can contribute to your recipe or application in many ways for taste, texture and nutritional value. Yesto-Seal® are brewer’s yeast products which are specifically designed for tableting. Lalmin® mineral and vitamin yeasts are inactivated whole cell yeast products containing elevated levels of specific minerals and/or vitamins. 

Industrial fermentation: Fermentation Nutrients Ingredients (FNI range) have been developed to boost the growth and yield in industrial fermentation. FNI products are mainly primary yeast peptone and autolysates which contain a high level of protein in the form of readily and easily assimilated amino acids and peptides.

The know-how and experience acquired since its beginnings, as well as its high quality, high production standards and technical knowledge have allowed LBI to increase its presence in the food, health and fermentation industries. Lallemand Bio-Ingredients is committed to partner with customers to develop products meeting their specific requirements with key natural products and service solutions.