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    Baobab as a trending ingredient

    07 Nov 2018 Matahi Company highlighted baobab as a trending ingredient at SIAL 2018. “Baobab is one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits in the world. It is brand new to Europe as it is only been allowed in European consumption since 2008, when it was approved as a novel food,” says Aida Soumaoro at Matahi. The company works with farmers in Benin in west Africa, who have built their own cooperative to work and import the baobab product. “At Matahi, we are making drinks and we have three flavors with mango, hibiscus and a pure & natural baobab. We have Matahi Boost with baobab and guarana, which is an energy drink in four different flavors.” The product appeals to those “who are interested in their health and want to drink something not so sweet but that is pure and natural in nature,” Soumaoro says.
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